Test me

Break me

Take me with you

To wherever you are.

Take me to when we first kissed,

When we first cried

When we first fought

When we first thought

Of ourselves as inseperable,

As unbreakable.

The clock hits ten

And my soul is still


The cycle opens and closes and

Here I am

Sitting outside


The pictures of you

And that damn instant camera.

In an instant I am alone

In another

I am with you.

Still alone.

Someone I used to love,

That’s who I am talking about.

That’s what we always talk about;

Those we love and loved,

Those we hate and hated

And those who forgot us.

And what’s there to be for the forgotten if they are cursed to never forget?

What’s there for the forgotten if they are cursed to never love again?



And who’s to say nostalgic love is not true love?
Man suffers from the curse of past and
Best lovers.
How can one forget ‘that’ smile in the morning
Or her cold feet touching the warmth of your legs?

Love is that laugh you never forgot
Love is that conversation you replay when you shower
Love is the “coffee” at night that tasted deliciously
Love is you, her, and everyone else
For without them how can there be an us?

And who’s to say platonic love is not true love?
Man suffers from having to see beauty overflow his firmament and ground.
How can one ignore the perfect Wife,
The young, innocent lover with a heart too big and too fragile?
How can one ignore the women of myth, who swim, fly and enchant the men of old?

The rose shines brightiest in our minds, and to love is to freeze the beauty of the petals and let the thorns melt into your heart.


Eyes closed
Yet as open as ever.
A hand on my shoulder
Warm and pure

I shake it off.
“Leave me be
Schemer of schemers!”

I screamed in the dark
As I felt the strings lifting
From my arms.

A sudden ligthness on my mind and feet.
A roughness to the dead soil beneath me.

A hundred years spent I here.
Dreadful as this isle may be.

A dome of shimmering lights above me
Dripping drops of cold rain.

The floor is untouched
Virgin as the world that bore me.

My bare hands
Grab one of the drops,
Frail and poorly.

A sudden lightness on my hands and soul.
A roughness to the skies above me.

“I will give this water to the Land
For You have forsaken it as You have forsaken

And so it was.
And the Garden was born.

Beauty incarnate.


I am fed
I am hungry

I am clothed
I am naked

I can speak
I am unheard.

“What is this land that binds me?
I will break free!
I will break through your glass walls
For You hate your sons and
They hate You.
I will seek the Chaos
And bring it upon you”

And so it was.
And History was born.

And so I am man
But not only man.
I have seen through your walls.
I possess now the Word.
I know now of the Cosmos.

I am the Cosmos.


The cars stream through
As they do
Every day
Every night
And every other time.

Here I stand
Or sit
Seeing “everything”.

I have everything.
Or so would say the optimist.

Or the pessimist…

A repetitive tune
Strikes at the hour

8 o clock

Get up
“What should I wear?”
“What should I eat?”
“It’s time to go”
“Put your clothes on right
You damn fool”

As the rush hour
And you near
The station
Are your friends

“But wait”

Didn’t you have a 9am?
Yesterday was the same.
Maybe scream
As the lady next to you
Screams at the bus driver.

Driving lessons at 4
Yet for what do you drive
In this god forsaken town?
And for fuck’s sake
“I am late again”
Yet you gained some
Valuable time
With Her…

Her hair looked perfect today.
If only…

6 o clock

You choked and forgot
To ask for her number.
“Number? Shit I forgot to
Get my phone fixed”
And so
Your eyes fixed
On the TV
And to be or
not to be
Is not an issue
And how could you forget it was the 4th issue
Not the 3rd?
The 3rd is also your flatmate’s birthday
“What even is a birthday?”
Now you forget which day the essay’s due
And what to do…
So many options
Yet you opt not to run
And so time flies
As you mingle words
“The church is lies
And you are herd”

The sounds of birds…

8 o clock

Get up.

Apple of Eden

‘What a wreck’

I say

That a man can laugh

And the lady too

‘Break me in two’
Take me into

Your world

Of wreckage

Find me a message

And you…
Why do I love you?

When I don’t know you.

I am lost

For I was found

Founded hard.

And disregard

Plagues me

Makes me

Where I was born.


Pillars once stood.
‘Pillage my soul from such heavenly

Let me see you



For I have sinned

And can’t hear you.
I missed you

Early on

When the roses bloomed.
And ashore

I stood


Genesys Part III

Your voice
Eludes me
Yet I am lucid,
Kind serpent.

I see the Chaos in
 your eyes.
I mirror you
Yet I am unbroken.

Nor wrath nor love
Shalt take me.
For I am one
And no one.

The Word is mine
And you have naught,
Vile snake.

Let me break
Upon you
That which I foresee.

Grant me Chaos
So man can be man
And dream can be dream.

Grant me Order
So the Man maketh Dream
And the Dream maketh Man.

Now and henceforth
Rip your carcass
To be complete
In His eyes and Mine eyes.

And so it was.
And I saw it was good

Genesys Part II


Is this light
For I can see now
That which was not there?

What is this
Untouched flesh
I see before me?

What is this apple
Oozing an unseen hue?

What is this creature
Twined in the roots
Of my holy garden?

Lotan? I know
Not of this name.
Perchance explain
This unholy game!

“Worry not, dear child
For the game is broken
As are the lies you feed on.

Let me kiss your
Silent lips
For they were shut but
Now will open.

Let me bite
Your feeble hands
For they were shut but
Now will open.

Let me eat
Your sorrow eyes
For you were blind
But now you are broken!”

Genesys Part I

Through Him

I am everything

I possess the Word
The Word possesses me.

He gives Light
I am enlightened.

Through Him
I am everything

He provides the Word
The Word provides me.

Through Him
I am everything.


“No comas cuento que venga recalentado”

Le decia el ‘sin alma’

Al de dedos cruzados.

“Confia en mí, mi hermano”

Decía el mismo

Con los ojos Cerrados.

“Mi voz es tuya”

Atacó el cantor de


“Mi espada es tuya”

Cantó uno con su armadura De ferretería.

Ignoraba el murmullo

A la distancia;

Los suspiros son mentiras

Y los gritos

Mas aún.

No confíes

En el que grita

Y se esconde en un baúl”

Dear Janie Roe

To live

Is to die.

To open your mouth

Just for a second

As if to sing

But you can only cry

And scream

The pains 

Of a thousand needles

In the sand.

And then you stand


By the mighty

Light of morrow’s


Surprise, surprise.

The sun rises

Whilst your eyes 

Here die.
Forgive the sun 

For it does not mean to give

You life.

Forgive the sun

For it only loves he who lives

A life

Of nothing.
Who am I to deserve this essence?

Who am I to deserve this presence?

Who am I to deserve this light?
Is it right to ponder?

If it is worth walking with the curtains down,

Or better to stand with the spotlights on.

I wonder.

Is it right to see you now,

 and see nothing,
 feel nothing?
Three words

Mean naught.
Yet a space

Can kill 

The silence.
Three words

Mean naught.
Yet a dream

Can light

Your absence.
“Is this about me?”
Says her and her [insert colour]

“Is this about me?”
Says her and her 



Forgive the sun

For it did not mean to give you life

Forgive the son

For he did not mean to give you